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PTSD Awareness 22 Dog Tag

PTSD Awareness 22 Dog Tag


I have joined forces with the nonprofit AWARENESS 22 to help spread the word about PTSD and suicide in the military, our veterans and first responders, in the USA. The dog tag was designed by me, and is totally hand fabricated, in my Wisconsin studio. As a military mom, I have seen the devastation PTSD has done to many military families. We need to let everyone know that all they have to do is reach out, there is always help.

On average 22 Veterans take their lives every day...we need to help put a stop to it

****I am very pleased to announce that a portion of every single dog tag sold will go to the nonprofit AWARENESS 22!****

A little more about AWARENESS 22 and their mission: Awareness 22 has a mission to save the lives of those who risk theirs for ours. They are Combat Veteran Volunteers that operate this nonprofit organization whose main goal is to save lives by offering help and information to those suffering PTSD as well as to those who live with them. They offer Help locating treatment for PTSD as well as Suicidal Ideations, Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Coping skills for those who love and support us. They are owned and operated by Combat Veterans who suffer Combat PTSD Ourselves so They do understand. They are here to help you get the help you need in order to get you back to a better quality of life. There is hope for you and They do care! If you would like to further contribute, please visit their website at