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About the Artist

I have been making jewelry for over 25 years. This passion started out as a hobby while working as a service technician and cable splicer at my local telephone company (yes, I climbed telephone poles!). Inspired by the color coated copper wires that make up a telephone cable, I made wire and beaded jewelry and put it out for sale at the call center. My jewelry business grew from there!

Looking to expand my skills, I took a couple semesters of traditional metal smithing while pregnant with my youngest son. I fell in love with precious metal clay in 2007, and have been working as a full time jewelry designer/artist ever since. After I received my PMC certification from world renowned metalsmith Tim McCreight, I have continued to take workshops and classes with well known artists.  I love learning and honing my skills, while finding my own voice.  Today you will find aspects of these techniques and disciplines in my all my creations.

Since 2012 I have been making jewelry for various TV shows and movies. It had been a joy designing for specific characters and I have been steadily gaining recognition and contacts with costume designers. Chances are you have seen my work on one or two of your favorite shows!

A more recent passion that shows in my designs is my support for fellow military families. My youngest son proudly serves in the U.S. Navy. I obtained a Navy Crafter License, and now have a line of Navy/Military jewelry that has personally helped me feel closer to my son while he is bravely serving our country from afar. It is my honor to make custom designs that will help you feel close to your loved ones while they are away from you. I also make mementos from loved ones handwriting and kids artwork.

My goal is to help you feel connected to your loved ones and also radiate beauty and confidence while wearing my jewelry.



Official Crafter of the Navy; License number HOB-NTLPO-KJAKUMD01

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